MuscleSound highlights the work of Sports Dietitian, National Speaker, CEO and Author. Dawn Weatherwax  RD, CSSD, LD, ATC, CSCS, MET I

That social media blog you are reading is NOT your new commandment of health. You’re not on a Zero Carb/Ketofat/Whole 30/Beach lemon drink only diet to benefit you in a way your body needs, you are simply a product of the social media diet. Sorry. One of the main sources for information in the Internet world is social media. Seventy five percent of people don’t even check to see where the information comes from. Many fall into the idea that if it’s on my phone attached with a tweeting bird next to it, or in my newsfeed, then it must be true, right? The good news is people are interested in learning more about how to be healthier. However there is some disconnect..

Dawn Weatherwax, CEO of Sports Dietitian 2Go in Cincinnati, OH says “Like anything else, it is best to have a starting point and a plan customized to fit personal body goals” Many people assume that only those who struggle with weight or eating challenges would consult with a nutritionist.  Wrong again.

Surprise Moment Ahead Weatherwax, who has 20+ years in the nutrition business says “70% of my clients are  athletic activity driven individuals from age 11-76 recreational to professional, and the other 30% are just wanting to simply optimize living a healthy life.”

You ask, what is involved in a visit to a Sports Dietitian and what is going to happen to me? Unlike your social media blogger, sports dieticians are now required to have an MS and 7-9 years of experience before opening up shop. That’s 1,500 hours of hands on experience before they are even allowed to talk peanut butter and strawberries with you! Weatherwax explains, “My first visit with a client is a 90- minute consultation that involves a number of tests to set a custom profile. These tests include metabolism, body composition, MuscleSound Physical, nutrition review any lab work, current supplement intake, sleep, stress, family history as well as current food habits.”

What is a MuscleSound Physical?

“The MuscleSound test is a medical ultrasound scan session that utilizes cloud technology placed on the right and left thigh; it reports back on muscle health. I then instantly review the data to indicate how nutrition is affecting fuel storage and recovery. I also use the test to help me identify if there is agitation in the body.”

Weatherwax continues, “It is a great teaching tool to show clients progress as we continue to work together. Lastly, it also automatically reports a muscle size measurement, identifying size differences from left to right. I have a background in athletic training so this imbalance % plays into additional data points with performance and fueling plans.”

“It is the simple protocol of discovering if they are fueling enough and with the right foods.”

So what is the lesson learned today? In 2018, the age of instant access to everything, even “fake news.” Even friends don’t answer your questions anymore, they respond, “Google it?”

Fortunatley and unfortunatley, our favorite search engines can lead us astray. Don’t be a victim of the big guy in the gym, on his phone, posting to 65,300 followers that then is shared with 245,002 others like you, stating their personal opnion as truth;  eating only butter and meat and kale defines optimal health.

You need access to data that outlines specifically how to eat for your health goals. Your health is your best investment. Get a baseline nutrition profile so you don’t waste time on what won’t work for you. Data is fun!  Use social media only as your inspiration.