The MuscleSound® team implemented their patented methodology, technology and software with the Colorado Rockies athletic training staff and players during the entire 2013 baseball season. During this time, MuscleSound was able to establish glycogen content baselines for each player using a series of muscle and player-specific ultrasound scans. As a result, MuscleSound determined that most Rockies players were not consuming enough carbohydrates to restore their individual glycogen content levels for optimal game-time or long-term athletic performance. Upon trend establishment and in conjunction with Head Athletic Trainer, Keith Dugger, MuscleSound began working with individual Rockies players to educate them about their specific nutritional needs relative to their scans and baseline trends. Carbohydrate-based recommendations included optimal meal choices, snacks and high-glycemic products each player could consume before, during and after practice and games. These recommendations allowed players to optimize their personal readiness, recovery and overall muscular health for consistent and immediate performance, as well as future injury prevention throughout the season.

The concise, accurate and personalized data generated by MuscleSound allowed the Rockies to form a complete picture of what it takes to perform 162 games in 180 days. For each individual player, MuscleSound is the definitive tool used to optimize their performance and proactively prevent long-term muscle injuries. The Rockies team experienced only two soft-tissue injuries during the season; a historical low. Rockies players continued to have their muscles scanned during both home and away games throughout the season. The personalized nutritional recommendations, based upon the individual muscle glycogen content levels and proximity to game start times, improved performance and confidence. During this time, the Rockies players began to understand and gain an appreciation for their personalized scans and the real-time data generated by MuscleSound, as well as the performance-based results they experienced from the intake of high-glycemic products used in the dugout and bullpen to “top-off” their energy levels during performance.

I can honestly say that MuscleSound is one of those rare pieces of equipment that subjectively shows my players their true glycogen levels, which has had a very positive contribution to my players’ overall health. The MuscleSound methodology, technology and software has shown that if you have time-efficient and non-invasive sports technology available that you can really peak the interest of each individual player based upon their personalized results. I would highly recommend MuscleSound to any athletic team or individual athlete that is looking to get an edge on their opponents.

– Keith Dugger, Head Athletic Trainer, Colorado Rockies Baseball Club

The data generated by MuscleSound gives me my “blue print”, which allows me to fuel more consistently and effectively.

– Matt Belisle, Pitcher, Colorado Rockies Baseball Club

It was a brilliant experience to be involved with the team during the year and during Todd Helton’s final season. We were made to feel so welcome within the team clubhouse, not only by the coaches, athletic training staff and players, but by all Colorado Rockies employees.

– John Ireland, Director of Performance, MuscleSound