A Look Inside The Muscles

Our Newest Feature - A Significant Improvement in Scan Accuracy.

MuscleSound is now able to select the muscle of interest more precisely, enabling greater efficiency of analysis, and more accurate fuel assessment.

Now far easier to differentiate between types of tissue
Muscle boundaries and adipose regions will display in green, and muscle tissue will display as purple to pink - with darker shades indicating a higher fuel concentration to aid in visualizing quality.


Our system and methods for assessing muscle fuel have been validated by two studies published in major research journals.

MuscleSound was founded by experts in the fields of applied physiology and musculoskeletal ultrasound.
We are continuously advancing our science through partnerships with Universities and Research Institutions.

Field Research

Our system and methods have been validated in multiple field studies.

MuscleSound techniques and treatments have been applied in the field with multiple individual athletes and teams. Extensive qualitative research was recorded in varying scenarios.

Body Composition

MuscleSound breakdown of fat thickness at individual sites, and a comprehensive tracking of change over time

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Our glycogen readings are not significantly impacted by hydration.

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Biomech. Variance

Glycogen variance across sides of the body can be used to detect injury. We detail this process for 3 pro athletes.

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Heat Packs

Our glycogen readings are not significantly impacted by the use of heating packs. We've tested this.

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Team Trends

Tracking glycogen for an entire team shows the bigger picture. We recap the results for a Division 1 football team.

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Critical Care

Proper nutrition can prevent muscle breakdown. Critical care patients have special nutrition needs. We recap the early findings here.

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