Research Teams

Collect Valid And Reliable Data

By The Numbers

Immediate real-time results and analysis enhance the quality and efficiency of research.

Innovative & non-invasive evaluation of muscle fuel, muscle architecture & body composition can provide new insight into muscle research.

Easy To Use

Portable and non-threatening. Maximizes ease of data collection


Results are downloaded and displayed on your chosen device in only 5 minutes


No squeezing, pinching or prodding. Subjects sit or recline comfortably throughout the data collection process

Who can you assess?

MuscleSound is appropriate for subjects of all ages, body types, and activity levels.

Elite Athletes
Fitness Enthusiasts
Sedentary Individuals
Weight Loss Candidates
Why MuscleSound?

Easy to acquire, valid and reliable measures.

Using innovative applications of medical grade ultrasound, MuscleSound can generate non-invasive measures of muscle fuel, muscle architecture and body composition for analysis. MuscleSound protocols have been shown to be valid and reliable in a range of athletic, sedentary and medical settings.
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Muscle Fuel

MuscleSound provides a valid, reliable and noninvasive method for muscle-related data collection.

Using medical grade ultrasound, MuscleSound can assess measures of muscle fuel, muscle architecture and body composition. Results are downloaded from the cloud and displayed within seconds. Data is easily transferrable to an Excel file for categorization and analysis.

Body Composition

Assess body fat and lean muscle mass rapidly and accurately.

Seven sites are used to assess percent body fat and percent muscle mass. The MuscleSound system also provides a breakdown and analysis of fat thicknesses at each of these sites, as well as a detailed tracking of their changes over time.