Fitness Centers

Ready to see what MuscleSound could do for your clients?

Transforming Fitness

Help every member of the gym reach their goals with data driven evidence showing tangible results.

If you are a gym owner/manager wanting to create a greater sense of community or a fitness professional helping a client train for an event or to ensure your weekend warriors look and feel their best, MuscleSound measurements and assessments can add value to your goals and services.

Easy To Learn

Online training plus 24/7 support

Convenient To Use

Available to any gym user at any point during their workout session

Quick & Accurate Results

Scientifically validated results are displayed in only 5 minutes

Who Can You Measure?

Anyone and everyone! MuscleSound works for all ages and body types, whatever their goals

Pro/Semi-Pro Athletes
Weekend Warriors
Weight Loss Candidates
New Gym Members
What's the appeal of MuscleSound?

Specific, targeted testing with accurate, data driven results.

Differentiate your services from other fitness centers with medical grade musculoskeletal ultrasound and state-of-the-art technology that delivers consistent, dependable results you can trust. Conveniently and comfortably assess your client’s body fat and lean muscle mass. Obtain information on their muscle fuel levels to answer any questions they may have about readiness for and recovery from exercise
Take Action

Within minutes of any MuscleSound Assessment, you can share ongoing results with your clients and discuss mutually set goals.

A single MuscleSound scan session can alter a client’s training routine for that day. It can show the client where they are in terms of reaching their goals, and whether or not they need to modify their approach. As an owner/trainer, MuscleSound assessments enable you to build a more personalized program for each client. They can also help to determine exercise and lifestyle habits that optimize overall MuscleHealth and performance both inside and outside the gym.
How do you make money?

Incremental Revenue

Assessment packages can be added into personal training packages or gym memberships making MuscleSound technology good for your bottom line.
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Muscle Fuel

MuscleSound provides a convenient, non-invasive alternative to muscle analysis.

With 14 key muscle indicators, MuscleSound is able to assess the fuel levels and MuscleHealth of all muscles scanned, as well as determine fuel imbalances between the left and right sides of the body.

Body Composition

Conveniently and comfortably assess body fat and lean muscle mass.

Seven sites are used to assess percent body fat and percent muscle mass. The system also provides a breakdown and analysis of fat thickness at individual sites, as well as a comprehensive tracking of change over time in these locations.