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MuscleSound is a company whose patented methodology provides immediate and actionable information on muscle status that will enable an individual to unlock the body’s full potential to improve overall health.

Our unique ultrasound scanning protocols can ‘look inside the muscles’ and evaluate a range of important measures of “MuscleHealth”. These relate primarily to Muscle Fuel Analysis and Body Composition Analysis. These measures are equally important in healthcare, fitness and performance settings.

The capacity of a muscle to store, generate, and replenish energy.

• Readiness for exercise
• Recovery from exercise
• Muscle Fuel tracking
• Muscle Fuel symmetry
• Body Composition
• Injury Recovery tracking

Until recently, the only way to do this outside a hospital or clinical setting was via a surgical procedure known as a muscle biopsy. This is a painful, invasive and lengthy process. MuscleSound’s non-invasive methodology has been scientifically validated against muscle biopsy.

• Rectus Femoris: one of the four quadriceps muscles
• Vastus Lateralis: one of the four quadriceps muscles
• Gastrocnemius/Soleus: the two major calf muscles
• Gastrocnemius (Lateral): superficial calf muscle
• Gastrocnemius (Medial): superficial calf muscle
• Biceps Femoris: Lateral Hamstrings
• Semimembranosus, Semitendinosus: Medial Hamstrings
• Biceps brachii: Biceps
• Flexor carpi radialis (primarily): Forearm flexors

• “Chest” (Pectoralis)
• “Back” (Subscapular)
• “Arm” (Triceps)
• “Upper Side” (Midaxillary)
• “Lower Side” (Suprailiac)
• "Stomach” (Umbilical)
• Thigh” (Quadriceps)

Typically, less than 5 minutes! In this time, a muscle is scanned, sent up to the cloud and results are sent back – all in the palm of your hand.

• Pre- and immediately post-exercise. This has been validated by two published peer-reviewed studies in major journals.
• No less than several hours after the end of moderate to high intensity/long duration steady state exercise (such as cycling) that does not involve extensive eccentric contractions.
• A minimum of two days after high intensity/long duration sports such as soccer, football, rugby, and basketball.
• One to two days before a competition to ensure Muscle Fuel is adequate, and provide enough time to refuel if necessary

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All you need is an Android based tablet and an approved ultrasound device. For a list of approved devices please click here.