About MuscleSound

MuscleSound provides immediate and actionable information to unlock the body’s full potential and improve overall MuscleHealth.

The MuscleSound Story

From discovery to software development to validation to industry acceptance
... and beyond.
The Science Develops

When working with professional cyclists, Dr. Inigo San Millan and Dr. John Hill realized that they could “see” glycogen (a primary fuel for muscles) through the use of everyday ultrasound – the same kind used during pregnancy. The discovery enabled these scientists to “look inside the muscle”.

Teamed with Stephen Kurtz and MuscleSound Forms as a Company

Due to an interest in fitness and sports science, Stephen Kurtz was introduced to Drs. San Millan and Hill shortly after their discovery. He immediately saw the potential value in non-invasive muscle fuel measurements and began exploring potential business applications.

Software Is Developed

By developing software to read ultrasound images, MuscleSound was able to provide a professional customer-ready product to the market.

Targeted Sports and Medical Markets

Kurtz and Drs. San Millan and Hill further advanced MuscleSound with the intention of introducing the software and portable technology to the sports and medical markets.

Applied for and Issued Multiple Patents

In 2013, MuscleSound was issued three patents by the USPTO covering the use of ultrasound to measure muscle fuel and related proprietary software. The Company has also received US Trademarks protecting its name and visual depiction. Since then, additional patents for both fuel and body composition have been filed.

Expanded into Additional Markets

Additional industries ranging from fitness and performance centers to physical therapy clinics and ICU began to take note of, and use this unique methodology

Validation Studies Performed

Two research studies published in highly reputable journals reported that MuscleSound’s ability to assess muscle glycogen (fuel) is highly correlated with the “gold standard” of muscle biopsy. These studies, conducted at Appalachian State University and the University of Colorado Medical Center, proved to be extremely valuable in gaining acceptance and legitimacy with the training and medical staffs of many professional, Olympic and collegiate sports teams. Read more about these studies here.


MuscleSound is called “the Blueprint to Understanding MuscleHealth” by Forbes and has proven success within multiple industries ranging from professional sports teams, to physical therapists to trainers and more.


About MuscleSound

We believe that the proper fueling of your muscles is the most important thing
you can do to monitor MuscleHealth, perform better, and recover faster.
John Hill, D.O, FAAFP, FACSM


Iñigo San Millán, PHD


Stephen S. Kurtz, CPA

CEO and Chairman