Why is This Important?

Testimonial quote from patient about how it improved their hospital stay and quality of care and recovery….

Why is Muscle Quality Important?

Because it changes lives. Not only does MuscleSound software improve patients’ lives, but it shortens time in the hospital, reduces costs and provides a higher quality of care, all for a reasonable cost. Bonus…it’s easy to implement.

IMAT estimate is an accurate predictor of mortality risk in both the geriatric population and mechanically ventilated critically ill patients.

Multiple disease states are associated with progressive IMAT increase:

  • Cancer – cachexia associated composition changes, correlating to reduced survival
  • Diabetes – glucose and insulin abnormalities
  • Duchenne muscular dystrophy – correlating with disease progression
  • Obesity – shift in anatomical storage of excessive adipose tissue
  • Sarcopenia – loss of muscle mass compounded with changing muscle composition

MuscleSound Provides
the Solution

Our digital health company provides the only quantitative and comprehensive assessment of muscle health. This cloud-based software is fully developed and used daily worldwide.

  • Replaces current uses of CT and MRI scans
  • MuscleSound is completely non-invasive
  • Significant cost reduction (CT=$1,200+ vs. MS=<$0.01)
  • 15 patents and numerous trademarks
  • Current clinical ultrasound reimbursement codes $130+

The Intersection of Healthcare
and Technology

Technology innovation is entering the healthcare field to help physicians predict outcomes, diagnose diseases, and track changes

Digital health solutions are rapidly contributing to the adoption of precision medicine.

  • Clinical decision support software, wearable devices, genomic sequencing
  • Enables proactive and preventative care

Combination of statistical and predictive analysis has enabled machine learning to assist in healthcare decision making.

  • Supplement physician manual processes
  • Enhance data insight
  • Improve physician and patient education and engagement


“1 in 3 people will be in the ICU during their lifetime,
with average length of stay greater than 7 days.”

“In the first week of ICU, there’s a 20%+ loss of muscle mass.”

– Mickelson et. al., Adv Med Educ Pract (2017); Scott Bowen et. al., J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle (2015); Von Haehling et. al., J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle (2014)

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