Take Charge of MuscleHealth

Look Inside The Muscle With Ultrasound Technology

A scientifically validated, cloud-based system that provides immediate and
actionable results in many different exercise and health settings.

Using MuscleSound for Real Results

Get accurate, data driven results in the palm of your hand.

MuscleSound provides a range of measures to monitor MuscleHealth – the capacity of a muscle to store, generate and replenish energy.

Monitor Rehab

Take some of the guesswork out of treatment. Manage a muscle’s recovery from the inside as well as the outside.


Collect, track and monitor muscle-related data easily and conveniently.

Check Readiness

See how much fuel is in the muscle's ‘tank’. Be ready to go and ready to go again!

Monitor Muscle Size

Get a baseline measure as a starting point for a muscle and monitor and track changes at any time during a rehab or training program.

Body Composition

Track changes in muscle mass and body fat measures. Determine how these relate both to overall weight and the impact of diet and exercise.

Using Ultrasound

Comfortably measure seven sites of body using ultrasound. It is shown to be a highly accurate and reliable technique of body composition assessment.

Versatile Technology

Cloud based application provides portability and ease-of-use.

Scan individuals anywhere! On-the-go or at the gym or clinic, MuscleSound software is easily transportable for maximum convenience. Easy to learn and easy to use.

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MuscleHealth Measurements

A New And Unique Concept!

Our patented system makes it easy to track progress and compare results. Get rapid and accurate
information that you and your clients can use.
Brief descriptions of current MuscleHealth measures appear below.

Muscle Energy Status

A comprehensive measure of muscle ‘readiness.’

Estimated Fuel Level

The level of fuel stored in a muscle at any given time. Contributes to Muscle Energy Status.

Muscle Fuel Rating

Compares an individual’s muscle fuel Score with others in our database. Contributes to Muscle Energy Status.

Muscle Fuel Symmetry

The balance of fuel scores between contralateral muscles of the upper and lower body.

Body Composition – Body Mass Analysis

An assessment of total and percent body mass based on seven measures of subcutaneous fat thicknesses.

Body Composition Segmental Fat Chart

A measure of seven subcutaneous fat layers, and how they change over time with exercise and diet.

Body Composition - Percent Fat Analysis

An assessment of total and percent body fat based on 7 measures of subcutaneous fat thicknesses


What Our Clients Are Saying About MuscleSound

With MuscleSound we are able to take the guesswork out of the fueling and recovery process. Our technology allows us to measure glycogen levels in seconds and assess injury risk by finding indications of overtraining and possible muscle damage.

Nick Kenney | Head Athletic Trainer, Kansas City Royals

Before using MuscleSound, I was never able to know how much my energy fluctuated during a game.

Michael Cuddyer | Outfielder, Colorado Rockies, MLB 2013 National League Batting Title

I am a firm believer in MuscleSound’s technology as I have seen its impact firsthand with my patients. This technology is a tremendous asset to athletes, trainers, school programs, and coaches looking to have better knowledge and understanding of the state of musculoskeletal health and what to do to achieve optimal health based on real-time, accurate data.

Dr. Neal | CEO, Allegheny Medical

We are major believers that MuscleSound’s technology can contribute to our goals of winning Olympic medals for Team USA in Rio next year.

Andy Sparks | Director of Track Programs, USA Olympic Cycling

Musclesound is an important tool for me because it provides objective data quickly, which allows me to make recommendations in real-time and provide a higher level of personalized nutrition to my athletes.

Ryan Kohler | Manager, Sports Performance CU Sports Medicine and Performance Center

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