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MuscleSound® Expands Into Sports Medicine Sector

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MuscleSound® Expands Into Sports Medicine Sector Denver-Based Health and Technology Company Now Offering Its Cutting-Edge Ultrasound Technology to Rehab Centers, Chiropractic Facilities, Physical Therapy Clinics and Other Organizations DENVER – June 1, 2017 –MuscleSound®, a Denver-based performance and health technology company known for serving professional, collegiate and recreational athletes with non-invasive, accurate and cutting-edge muscle … Continued

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Moneyball Coming To Your Practice?


We’re not talking baseball, exactly. We talking about something that started 776 years before Christ, when a record keeper whose name is lost to history wrote that a cook named Coroebus won the 192-meter footrace to become the first Olympic champion. The most important stat that day was 1. As in #1. First place. Two … Continued

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