The best way to test MuscleSound® is fast, accurate, and non-invasive.

MuscleSound’s patented ultrasound scanning protocols can ‘look inside your muscles’ and assess a range of elements that are major contributors to MuscleHealth. Our technology "provides immediate and actionable information that enables an individual to unlock their body’s full potential to improve overall health and fitness."

Muscle Fuel Assessment Body Composition Assessment

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound looks inside the muscle.

Ultrasound safely transmits high-frequency sound waves into the body through a device known as a transducer.

During an ultrasound scan, different tissues and fluids within the muscle reflect these sound waves back at different speeds, producing different shapes and brightnesses of the scanned image. These, in turn, can be analyzed for a range of metabolic and structural functions.

Why MuscleSound?

Because Healthy Muscles Are Important For Life!

We have developed Ultrasound protocols that can rapidly assess muscle fuel levels
as well as a broad range of body composition measures.

Skeletal muscle makes up about 40 percent of body mass. As well as being necessary for movement, muscles also contribute to crucial health related functions including breathing, metabolism, digestion, blood circulation, immune system status, blood glucose regulation and overall quality of life. The health of muscles, therefore (‘MuscleHealth’), is essential for overall health and wellbeing at any age and at all levels of fitness and mobility. Our ultrasound protocols rapidly assess and analyze a range of measures that contribute to MuscleHealth: The capacity of a muscle to store, generate, and replenish energy.

Safe To Use